Modern Medicines Have Limitations, But Yoga Doesn’t: Odisha Yoga Therapist Bijoylaxmi Hota

Mind always lords over the body. However, by way of constant practice of yoga, human beings can develop a lever over their mind. Stress always sows the seeds of affliction, while a constant adherence to yoga keeps detoxifying the mind, ensuring a disease-free body. This is the key to achieving a holistic health.

Yoga therapist Bijoylaxmi Hota guiding practitioners during a camp in New Delhi

When the Covid-19 is mutating itself into multiple variants, Odisha’s Bijoylaxmi Hota, a yoga therapist with over four decades of experience, provides hope to beat this illness and many more. An author of nearly a dozen books on the ancient yogic science and diets, Hota provides remedies to keep the bug at bay.