US wants to turn the page of its relationship with Pak

Washington: The US on Thursday said that it wants to "turn the page" of its relationship with Pakistan in the New Year, given that the difficult phase they have undergone in 2011. "I don`t think anybody on any side would question that 2011 was a difficult and complex year in the US-Pakistani relationship," State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, told reporters at her daily news conference.

"Obviously, what we want to do is turn the page, redouble our efforts to cooperate against the threats that we share, and to support a strong, prosperous, democratic Pakistan in an increasingly stable, peaceful, prosperous, democratic region," Nuland said in response to a question.

The United States, she said, has been investing a lot in building its relationship with Pakistan and the people of this country, but needs to redouble its efforts. "We put a huge amount of US taxpayer money every year into education programs in Pakistan, microlending programmes, flood relief, all kinds of economic opportunity programs because we believe a strong Pakistan is in our interests," she said.

"So we will continue to try to give that message directly to the Pakistani people, as the secretary did herself in her town hall meeting and in her TV interviews when she was in Pakistan in October," she said.

"We believe that that message needs to be conveyed strongly in Pakistan by Americans and by Pakistanis. We need each other and that we have a lot of work still to do to build the kind of neighborhood there that it is in our mutual interests," Nuland said in response to a question at her daily news conference.