US needs to do many things in war on terror

Washington: Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar today fought back allegations that Pakistan had not done enough against extremists, reminding that the "Frankenstein" of terrorism in the Af-Pak region was financed by the US but her country had been left alone to sort out the mess.

Khar said the war against terrorism was being fought in the region with joint cooperation between the US and Pakistan, and singling out Islamabad`s role was being "biased".

Hitting back at allegations that Pakistan had not done enough in the war on terror, she said even Washington needed to do certain things.

"We strongly deny that. We feel that this is completely incorrect. That this is what could be called, you know, a biased statement. We feel that we are the ones who have reacted the most," Khar told CNN, denying allegations that Pakistan is not taking action against groups that use tribal areas as safe havens and attack Americans, westerners and Indians across the border.

She said Pakistanis were the ones who had sacrificed the most, fighting it out on the ground on a daily basis.

"I would completely deny that," Khar said when pointed out that Pakistan has never fought against the Haqqani faction.

"Let me also very humbly say that it takes two to tango.

There are many things that the US would have to do," Khar said in response to a question.

Khar said the Frankenstein of terrorism in the region was not created by Pakistan, rather it was financed and assisted by several world powers including the US.

"This Frankenstein was financed and assisted by many world powers, including that was the US. So, while we are left behind to sort out the mess as the fear of Pakistanis is and this might happen again, we must not forget the historical evidence that we have which has led us to the place that we have," she said.