US intensively engaged with India, China, Indonesia

Washington: Noting that America`s alliance in Asia is stronger than before, a top White House official said on Saturday that the US is intensively engaged with India, China and Indonesia and this was reflected in the just concluded East Asia Summit in Bali.

With the emergence of Asia Pacific as the top priority region of the world in the 21st century, the National Security Advisor, Tom Donilon, said that the US has not only strengthened its traditional alliances with countries like Japan and S Korea, but also intensified its engagement with the other key countries of the region – India, China and Indonesia.

"We have been intensively engaged with these nations, and you saw that during the course of this trip. The President had his 10th face-to-face meeting with President Hu Jintao in Hawaii this past week. We had, yesterday, a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister (Manmohan) Singh of India, following up on, really, the historic three-day trip that the President had a year ago this month in India. And of course, we`re hosted here by the Indonesians," Tom Donilon told reporters travelling with the US President, Barack Obama, to Indonesia.

"The frequency, the depth of these engagements I think have really paid off. And, again, it`s the United States presence in this region, the United States with an affirmative agenda in this region that is critical. And I think the level of engagement, really, with the emerging powers in this region is unprecedented," he said.