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US do not need outsourcing pioneers in Oval Office: Obama

Washington: US President Barack Obama today attacked presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for outsourcing the jobs by his companies and said Americans don`t need pioneers of outsourcing in Oval Office.

Obama said this while referring to a report in `The Washington Post` that the companies owned by Romney`s firms were pioneers in the outsourcing of US jobs to countries like India and China.

"Today, it was reported in The Washington Post that the companies his firm owned were `pioneers` in the outsourcing of American jobs to places like China and India," he said at an election campaign event at Tampa in Florida.

"Let me tell you, Tampa, we don`t need an outsourcing pioneer in the Oval Office. We need a President who will fight for American jobs and fight for American manufacturing. That`s what my plan will do. That`s why I am running for a second term as President of the US," Obama said amidst rounds of applause from the cheering audience.

Led by Obama, his campaign attacked Romney accusing him of outsourcing jobs overseas. "The Washington Post reported this morning that `Mitt Romney`s financial company, Bain Capital, invested in a series of firms that specialised in relocating jobs done by American workers to new facilities in low-wage countries like China and India," wrote Stephanie Cutter, on behalf of Obama Campaign.

"This is the same guy that goes around the campaign trail talking a huge game about being able to protect American jobs by standing up to foreign countries like China. But now we know that Romney and his partners made millions while sending American jobs overseas," she said in a video message emailed to hers supporters.

"Romney`s support of outsourcing didn`t just happen in the private sector. As governor of Massachusetts, he vetoed legislation that would have banned companies from shipping state jobs overseas – and he actually outsourced state jobs to a call center in India," Cutter said.

"In contrast, President Obama has a jobs plan that could put up to a million people back to work – including teachers, cops, firefighters, construction workers, and veterans – help small businesses create jobs right now, and help to put an end to American jobs being shipped overseas. He`s also fighting for tax breaks for companies that bring jobs back to America," she said.

In a conference call, David Axelrod, senior strategist to Obama for America referring to `The Washington Post` article said: "It`s particularly egregious coming on a day when Governor Romney began running an ad in Ohio promising to stand up to China, demanding a level playing field for our businesses and workers when it turns out his companies were actively involved in shipping jobs to China and India."

Nothing in Governor Romney`s background suggests that he would be the advocate for American workers and American jobs that he portrays himself to be. Nor does it suggest?nothing in his background suggests that he would, in fact, stand up to China or any other country on behalf of American workers, he alleged.

Axelrod said Obama believes strongly that the US should be investing its efforts and tailoring its policies to insourcing of American jobs, to bringing jobs back here. "We have seen that movement begin in the last few years and we have also seen a resurgence of American manufacturing in part because of the auto intervention that Governor Romney opposed and the President supported," Axelrod said.

"But the President has a decidedly pro-American job, pro-manufacturing policy including fighting for an end to tax breaks that reward companies like the ones that Governor Romney led and invested in for shipping American jobs overseas. This is a fundamental difference between them. Governor Romney would continue to reward companies for their expenses in shipping jobs overseas," he said.

Leo Hindery, Managing Partner of InterMedia Partner said Romney is very proud of his record at Bain and in his making that the hallmark of his campaign. "Whether it`s old or new economy, Bain and most specifically, the Governor, have… strategies that have moved thousands and thousands of American jobs overseas," he said.

"In the process of doing so, they pioneered much of the offshoring and they even led, as part of their activities, other companies into the process. They advanced the techniques. And so, when we hear the Governor talk about jobs in China, there frankly were few organizations on a relative level, who have done more to take American jobs overseas to China especially, India, Mexico, Taiwan, then Bain under Governor Romney. So the contrast is sharp and it sharpens even more when you hear the Governor elaborate on what he would do," Hindery said.

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