Trial of ousted Egyptian president resumes

Cairo: Former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, ousted in a popular revolt today faced prosecutors who would grill on charges of ordering of the killing of anti-regime protesters, abuse of office and corruption. The prosecution is set to present its arguments in this session that is expected to last over three days.

The ailing former president Mubarak, 83, was wheeled in the courtroom on a stretcher and his sons Gamal and Alaa, also facing charges, were present. Egypt`s former interior minister Habib al-Adly and six top police officers are also being tried together in a Cairo court. Mubarak and his aides are charged with being complicit in the killing of over 800 protesters during a popular uprising last year that ousted his regime. If convicted, Mubarak could face the death penalty. The accused also face corruption charges.

Mubarak`s trial had resumed on Wednesday after a three- month hiatus that saw other major developments like fresh protests and clashes and an Islamists` election victory eclipse his trial.

Official TV and for the first time zoomed in on the helicopter and showed the stretcher waiting for the ousted president. Mubarak was shown carried out of the plane on a stretcher and being moved to the ambulance`s stretcher. The TV has earlier showed armoured vehicles transferring Alaa and Jamal, as well as el-Adli and his aides from prison to court.

The former minister of interior was seen smiling. Mubarak, his sons, and former minister of the interior and his top aides are accused of inciting to kill protestors during January Revolution.