Toll in US airstrike on Afghan hospital rises to 30

Kabul: The toll from the US airstrike on a hospital in Afghanistan’s Kunduz province has risen to 30, the hospital’s website said on Sunday.

On October 3, the US airstrikes mistakenly struck the hospital run by Doctors Without Borders (MSF), an international medical charity, during clashes between Afghan security forces and Taliban fighters, Xinhua news agency reported.

The Taliban militants captured Kunduz city, capital of Kunduz province, on September 29.

“A total of 30 people died in the attacks, up from 22, as was reported earlier,” the MSF said in a statement.

“The assault killed 13 MSF staff members and 10 patients. Seven other bodies were found in the wreckage but could not be identified. It is presumed that one of those was an MSF staff member and two were patients, but that has not yet been confirmed,” the MSF said.

The identities of four other victims have remained unknown, it said, adding “all have been buried”.

The attack completely destroyed the hospital and at least 27 MSF staff and several patients sustained injuries.

While an investigation is going on by the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, the MSF has repeatedly called for an independent international committee to investigate the attack.