Taliban beheads 2 Pakistani soldiers

Islamabad: The Taliban beheaded two security personnel and hung their heads on wooden poles today in North Waziristan tribal region of Pakistan, where nine soldiers were killed in a clash with the militants.

A Pakistani Taliban commander claimed the militants captured the two security personnel last night while troops were conducting a raid in Miranshah, the main town of North Waziristan Agency.

The raid was conducted after nine soldiers and at least three militants were killed in a clash near Miranshah. The clash erupted after militants ambushed a security forces convoy in the area.
Pakistani security officials told the media that the heads of the soldiers were hung by militants on poles in Miranshah.

US and Afghan officials have described North Waziristan as a safe haven for al-Qaeda and Taliban elements who carry out cross-border attacks on foreign troops in Afghanistan. Pakistan has resisted growing US pressure to move troops into North Waziristan, which has been the focus of the CIA-operated drone campaign.