Susan Rice on foreign policy travelling to India

Washington: US President Barack Obama`s UN ambassador and one of his closest confidante, Susan Rice, is travelling to India this week to hold a series of discussion with top Indian officials on a range of bilateral and global issues including Syria.

"On August 22, she will hold meetings with senior Indian officials to discuss a range of bilateral and multilateral issues including peace-keeping, regional cooperation, and Syria," said a statement issued by the Permanent Mission of the US to the United Nations.

While in India, Rice, the top foreign policy advisor to the US President, will also meet with Indian women leaders and participate in an event focusing on child and infant survival that honors Eleanor Roosevelt and is in support of UNICEF, hosted by the US Ambassador to India, Nancy Powell.

Rice who served on the staff of the National Security Council and was the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs during the Clinton Administration hold the Cabinet level rank under the Obama Administration; a rare distinction given to the US Ambassador to the UN.

A close foreign policy advisor to Obama since he launched his presidential campaign, many in Washington term identify her as a potential Secretary of State or the National Security Advisor if Obama is re-elected in the November presidential elections.

Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, has said that she would leave the post at the end of the year.