Russian security agencies foil plot to assassinate Putin

Moscow: A plot to assassinate Prime Minister Vladimir Putin after the March 4 presidential elections has been foiled by the Russian and Ukranian security agencies by arresting two Chechen linked suspects, state TV reported.

The two suspects, who were on the verge of carrying out suicide bomb attacks on the Russian strongman were shown on television and claimed to be acting on the orders of the Chechen warlord Doku Umarov.

Channel One television said the two suspects were arrested from the Ukranian port city of Odessa after an explosion in their rented apartment while they were trying to manufacture explosives.

The third suspect, identified as Ruslan Madayev, who was also in the premises, died during the explosion. One of the surviving militants named Ilya Pyanzin said that the Chechen militant leader Umarov, believed to be behind the deadliest terror attacks in Russia had hired him and other suspects to target Putin.

Pyanzin said he and Madayev had come from UAE via Turkey to Ukraine to train on the assassination plan and were ordered to carry it out in Moscow after March 4 Russian Presidential elections, which Putin is poised to win. The security personnel found the assassination plot in the laptop of the militants.

RIA Novosti quoting Russian Federal Security officials said some explosives had already been hidden near Kutuzovsky Prospekt — the avenue Putin passes daily to reach the government White House.