RBS moves more jobs to India

London: The state-controlled Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has announced that it is to cut 215 full-time jobs, shifting nearly 300 back-office roles to centres in India, in a move that has incensed employee unions.

"We have embarked upon a three-year transformation programme across our finance division which will increase efficiency and allow us to serve our customers better," a spokesman for RBS said.

He added: "This includes looking at our global footprint and the movement of roles between countries reflects the global nature of our business. Having to cut jobs is the most difficult part of our work to rebuild RBS".

The bank is 82 per cent owned by the British taxpayer after it was bailed out by cash injection by the Treasury at a time when many banks were in a precarious position in 2008.

David Fleming, national officer of the Unite union, said: "These highly skilled workers in the finance function of the bank can earn as little as 22,500 per year. Instead of sending financial services work from the UK to a low-wage economy, RBS should ensure employees are able to get on with the work they do so well. Why is RBS awarding the investment bankers massive bonuses yet sacking thousands of workers"

He said the impact would be felt mainly in Edinburgh, where RBS has its head office, and in London.

The job losses affect 215 full-time staff and 83 temporary positions, mostly in the finance departments that support key RBS divisions such as corporate banking.

Fleming said it was "outrageous" that 200 RBS jobs were being shipped to India.