Pakistan rejects NATO probe report

Islamabad: Pakistan today said that the US probe report on the last month`s NATO air attack that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers is "not based on facts". Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said here that a detailed reaction will be issued on the Pentagon report after going through the full document, but he added the report seems "not to be based on facts".

The Foreign Ministry statement comes a day after Pakistan military reportedly rejected the report as biased. The November 26 attack had severely hit the then already fragile Pakistan-US ties. An unclassified version of the report, released on Monday by the US military`s Central Command on its website, also revealed for the first time that an American AC-130 gunship flew two miles into Pakistani territory.

The US and Pakistan disagree about the sequence of events in the cross-border attack. Talking about the Pakistan-US relations, Basit said that Pakistan`s relations with Washington saw several ups and downs during the current year, adding that Islamabad wanted relations with America to be based on mutual respect. He said that national security and development are two aspects of its foreign policy.

He also said Islamabad gives great importance to relations with China and is proud of it. Talking about foreign policy initiatives, Basit said that the Pakistan was also trying to improve ties with Russia and had better relations with Iran and Turkey.

The spokesman said that Pakistan also gave great importance to relations with Muslim countries. He added that the country was also working to strengthen relations with African countries. On the issue of Afghanistan, Basit said that thousands of Pakistanis were playing great role in the development of the country.