Pak rights body condemns Hindus killings

Islamabad: The "brazen murder" of three Hindu brothers in Sindh province on Eid-ul-Azha demonstrates that perpetrators believe they can get away with the killing simply because the victims are non-Muslims, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has said. The murder of the three brothers, all doctors, has caused concern among the minority Hindu community.

According to reports, the three men were gunned down by unidentified armed men following a dispute between Hindus and Muslims in Shikarpur district involving a Muslim girl.

A statement issued by HRCP chairperson Zohra Yusuf said: "HRCP is shocked at the brazen murder of the three Hindu citizens in Shikarpur and shares the sense of outrage with the Hindu community, not least because of the utter failure of the police to prevent killings or arrest killers even though threats of violence had been brought to their notice."

The statement noted that the Hindu community in Shikarpur had "received anonymous calls threatening them of serious consequences" after a reported dispute with a local Muslim tribe three weeks earlier. The Hindus had subsequently sought protection from police.

"It is alarming that the three men were slain no more than a few meters away from the local police station. The Hindu community has also expressed concern that law enforcement personnel tend to support criminals rather than victims when their community is targeted," the HRCP said.