Pak plans Rs 13 bn integrated security system: Report

Islamabad: Pakistan plans to create a secure communications and administration system at a cost of nearly Rs 13 billion for its armed forces and other security agencies with an aim to keep a check on "anti-state actors".

"Establishment of a National Security Communication and Social Administration System among various agencies of the federal and provincial governments, such as law enforcement agencies, freighting departments, armed forces and other government functionaries, is planned," an official document was quoted as saying by The News daily today.

The networking would be carried out in 10 cities and enlarged with the passage of time. The initial cost of the system is estimated to be Rs 12.798 billion, according to the document. The new system is reportedly aimed at keeping a check on anti-state actors.

"It would not only promote coordination but also provide an opportunity to strictly observe the activities of the suspects," a source was quoted as saying by the daily.

The National Telecom Corporation, which is attached to the Information Technology and Telecom Division, has been given the task of updating security agencies with the latest technology.

The document detailed several short and long-term programmes to create the IT system in 10 major cities and then in other districts and sub-districts for using it to control terrorist actions and to carry out social programmes.

The NTC developed plans for the network under its "Emergency Response and Social Administration" programme. It is mandated to provide telecommunication services to the armed forces, defence projects, federal and provincial governments and other agencies or institutions.

The NTC has so far provided services for landline telephones, wireless local loop, leased circuits, data services for broadband on DSL, web hosting and video conferencing.