Our nuclear assets are well guarded: Pakistan

Seoul: Pakistan today sought to allay apprehensions over the security of its nuclear assets saying they had the "best facilities" which were "well guarded".

"There should not be any fear of any type. All our (nuclear) installations are well guarded," Pakistan Ambassador to South Korea Shaukat Mukkadam told reporters here.

He said Pakistan has the best facilities and the best command and control systems.

"There should be no fear absolutely. Everything has been revisited after the Fukushima incident," the envoy said apparently referring to safety and security of nuclear facilities in Pakistan.

He said the nuclear power was essential for Pakistan as it has limited fossil fuel option and is also facing power shortage.

"We hope nuclear energy will help in this regard," Mukkadam said.

On Saturday, India had voiced concerns over Pakistan`s nuclear programme saying it has "very little confidence" on the capabilities of its western neighbour on securing its atomic assets.

The possibility of "insider threat" was the prime concern among the Indian establishment and building capacities would be the key element in India`s pitch at the Nuclear Security Summit which begins here on Monday.

India has cautioned that the fissile material could get into the hands of terrorists, who could use it to make dirty bombs.