Open supply routes to Afghanistan: NATO to Pak

Washington: NATO leaders today pressed Pakistan to reopen the closed supply route to Afghanistan as soon as possible, noting that it continues to work with Islamabad in this regard. In its Chicago Declaration issued after the NATO Summit in this hometown of US President Barack Obama, the members of this powerful military alliance noted that Pakistan has an important role in ensuring durable peace in the region.

"The countries in the region, particularly Pakistan, have important roles in ensuring enduring peace, stability and security in Afghanistan and in facilitating the completion of the transition process," said the Chicago Summit Declaration of the 28-country block.

"We stand ready to continue dialogue and practical cooperation with relevant regional actors in this regard. We welcome the progress on transit arrangements with our Central Asian partners and Russia. NATO continues to work with Pakistan to reopen the ground lines of communication as soon as possible," it said.

The NATO supply routes to Afghanistan were closed by Pakistan after a cross border NATO raid in November last year killed 24 Pakistani soldiers. Pakistan has been demanding an apology from the US, but the Obama Administration which has said that it deeply regrets the unfortunate incident, has refused to apologise.