Nasheed in Indian Mission in Male after an arrest warrant

Male/New Delhi: Soon after an arrest warrant was issued against him by a Maldivian court, former President Mohamed Nasheed went to Indian High Commission to meet High Commissioner D M Mulay but has not sought refuge so far.
According to Indian officials, the former Maldivian President had sought a meeting with Mulay, who flew back to Maldives early morning today from Delhi. However, they did not say when was the meeting sought.
"He has not sought refuge so far. He has moved for a stay against the arrest warrant," official sources said.
Meanwhile, anti-riots police have surrounded the Indian High Commission in Male.
The former President, who is due to attend a hearing regarding his detention of Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Judge Abdulla Mohamed in January 2012, was inside the Indian High Commission ahead of his trial today.
Nasheed is "seeking advice" in Indian High Commission, Minivan News reported.
Police have set up barricades around the High Commission area.
The court summons follows Nasheed's failure to attend his previously scheduled trial hearing at Hulhumale' Magistrate Court on February 10.
The former President was on an visit to India after being granted permission to depart the country by the court.
Despite his permitted travel period expiring on February 9, Nasheed returned to Male on February 11, Minivan reported.