Musharraf: ISI and RAW must end hostility

Washington: RAW and ISI, the intelligence agencies of India and Pakistan, should end their confrontational course and initiate a process of rapprochement to stop "harming" each other, former Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf has said.

"Afghanistan always has been anti-Pakistan because Soviet Union and India have very close relation in Afghanistan. And the intelligence agency, KGB, RAW and KHAD of Afghanistan have always been in cooperation and talking since 1950s.

"So we must not allow this to continue because then one must not grudge if Pakistan orders ISI to take countermeasures to protect its own interest," Musharraf said in response to a question at the Carnegie Endowment for Peace; a Washington-based eminent think-tank.

"So I think this needs a rapprochement certainly between India and Pakistan and rapprochement also between the two intelligence organisations: the RAW of India and the ISI of Pakistan.

Because they have been on a confrontational course all through since the 1950s, harming each other," he said.

"So this is, I would say and if I`m also allowed to one rather minor but still becoming very significant when leadership from the United States or anywhere say Pakistan has not done enough; we need to do more now, this has become almost so annoying to a common man in Pakistan," he said.