Modi calls for global strategy to tackle terrorism

Canberra: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said a comprehensive global strategy and a resolve to isolate “those who harbour terrorists” was needed to fight terrorism that is changing in character and expanding its reach.

“Terrorism has become a major threat for us all. In India, we have seen its face closely for three decades. And, we see it with the clarity that comes with it,” Modi said while addressing the Australian Parliament.

Modi, who became the first Indian Prime Minister to address the Australian Parliament, also called for deepening bilateral security cooperation with Australia to tackle the global menace of terrorism.

India and Australia also established a framework for bilateral security cooperation and stepped up their defence collaboration as Modi held bilateral talks with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

“Terrorism is changing in character and expanding in its reach. Internet has made recruitment and call to violence self-generated. It also feeds off money laundering, drug trafficking and arms smuggling,” Modi said in his address to the Australian Parliament.

“We have to deepen our bilateral security cooperation.

But, we need a comprehensive global strategy for a global problem,” he said.

In order to tackle the new security challenges, Modi sought “closer security cooperation, a policy of no distinction between terrorist groups or discrimination between nations, a resolve to isolate those who harbour terrorists, willingness to empower states that will fight them, a social movement against extremism in countries where it is most prevalent and every effort to de-link religion and terrorism.”