Maldives to go to polls in November to choose new President

Male: The constitutional deadline of November 11 for electing a new President in the Maldives might be missed as the Elections Commission on Monday announced the first round of voting would be held on November 9 and the second round a week later.
In a message posted on a social networking site, Elections Commission President Fuwad Thowfeek said, "Dear all, first round of presidential elections to be held on Nov 9 and second round on Nov 16." 
According to the provisions of the Maldivian Constitution, the election process should be completed in such a manner that a new President takes over on November 11.
After the first democratically elected President, Mohamed Nasheed, resigned under duress in February last year, he was succeeded by Mohammed Waheed, who was then Vice-President.
Waheed's term ends on November 11 and if no new candidate is elected, it might spark a constitutional crisis in the nascent democracy.
The Maldives has been in turmoil since Nasheed's removal.
During polls held on September 7, Nasheed got 45.45 per cent of the votes, leading to a run-off. The Supreme Court annulled the results of the first round of balloting and ordered fresh polls.
However, police blocked a presidential revote on October 19, plunging the country into fresh turmoil.
If a second round becomes necessary after the voting on November 9, a new President cannot be elected within the deadline and this could lead to a constitutional crisis, experts said.