Maldives President to visit Addu City

Male: Maldives President Mohamed Waheed Hassan will on Monday visit Addu City, a stronghold of ousted leader Mohamed Nasheed`s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), amid warnings of strong protest against him in the region.

He will also be visiting island atoll of Fuvahmulaku. The Councilors of Addu City are from MDP and they have passed a resolution stating that Waheed`s government is not legitimate, hence they will not provide assistance to Waheed on his trip to Addu City.

Addu city, is a stronghold of ousted president Nasheed`s MDP, had reported widespread violence with mobs burning down police stations, a court and government offices in protests over the change in power.

Waheed will visit the places that have been destroyed during violence during the protests and will also oversee the ongoing development activities at the two atolls, Abbas Adil Riza, the Spokesperson of the President`s Office said.

Earlier, Nasheed had warned Waheed not to visit Addu at an MDP gathering in the City. "It would not be prudent for Waheed to set his foot here in Addu City, so I am sincerely asking him, do not come here", Nasheed had said.

President Hassan would go ahead with plans of his visit to Addu City on the coming Sunday, heedless of any warnings, Riza said.

Riza told Haveeru Daily newspaper that Nasheed has given a false statement that the government of Waheed has given a word in writing that it will hold presidential election.

The present government has said the presidential election will be held once all political parties come to the talks and agree for an election, Riza said.