Kerry to visit Pakistan on July

Islamabad: US Secretary of State John Kerry, who had earlier postponed his visit to Pakistan, is expected to arrive here on July 31 on his first trip to hold meetings with the country's top political and military leadership.
Kerry had accepted an invitation to visit Pakistan, extended to him by Sartaj Aziz, advisor on national security and foreign affairs to the Pakistani prime minister, on the sidelines of the 20th Ministerial Meeting of the ASEAN Regional Forum July 2.
The US Secretary of State was previously expected to arrive in Pakistan on July 29.
However, the trip was later postponed after US officials said that he would visit Pakistan in "a few days time".
A Pakistani official earlier said Kerry's visit was rescheduled at the request of the US after his original travel plan was leaked to the media.
The US authorities believed that the revelation of possible dates of Kerry's visit might compromise his security and they postponed the trip, diplomatic sources said.
Sources said Secretary Kerry is expected to arrive in Pakistan on July 31 as the condition of his wife, who has suffered a stroke earlier this month, was improving.
According to the new itinerary, Kerry would hold meetings with the Pakistan President, Prime Minister, and the Advisor for national security and foreign affairs on August 1.
Kerry would also hold meetings with the top-level leadership of Pakistan's military and is also expected to participate in the Pak-US strategic dialogue, Dawn News reported.
Key issues including drone attacks in Pakistan are expected to be discussed during the US official's visit.
Kerry will be the first high-level US official to tour Pakistan since new government took office after historic May 11 elections.