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Italy-India dispute hurts anti-piracy efforts: Terzi

United Nations: Amid the continued row over the detention of two Italian marines by India, Italy`s Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi said he expects New Delhi will arrive at a "quick" solution on the issue, which is having a negative effect on the international community`s anti-piracy efforts.

Foreign Minister Terzi said any conflict between countries over jurisdiction and interpretation of the law of the sea in anti-piracy and counter-terrorism operations should be addressed through "mediation with honesty and clarity."

Addressing reporters here yesterday, Terzi said UN leader Ban Ki-moon also shared his "concerns" about the fallout from the diplomatic row between Italy and India over the detention of two Italian servicemen Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, who have been charged with the murder of two Indian fishermen.

Terzi said a "very unfortunate situation" has developed with authorities of the Indian judiciary as well as with those in the state of Kerala over the issue.

"We expect a quick solution will be faciliated first of nationally by the Indian authorities on which we have been in contact constantly and there will be really a need to assure international community that we are placing a very strong effort on countering piracy.

"This episode is already having a very very negative effect on the anti-piracy efforts of the international community," Terzi said, adding that the killing of the two Indian fishermen is an "unfortunate loss".

Latorre and Girone were stationed on a merchant ship off the southern Indian coast tasked with protecting it from pirate attacks. They fired warning shots at a fishing boat on February 15, believing it to be a pirate vessel, they said.

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