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Israel to invest for boosting tourism from India

Jerusalem: Israel will open a representative office in India and invest about 660,000 USDs to boost tourist inflow from the country as it emerges as the single largest source for incoming tourism to the Jewish state from Asia.

"India is a fast-growing market that has shown impressive growth in incoming tourism to Israel. Over the last two years, the numbers of tourists visiting Israel from India has doubled, with about 40,000 visitors a year," Israel`s tourism minister Stas Misezhnikov, said "The tourism potential of this market has not yet been realised and therefore the Tourism Ministry is working to expand its contacts with the relevant authorities and the tourism industry in India," Misezhnikov added.

Israel`s tourism ministry said that India is the largest source country for incoming tourism from Asia and the last two years have seen a remarkable increase in the number of Indian tourists visiting the Holy land. Meanwhile, India`s Tourism Minister, Subodh Kant Sahay, will be arriving in Israel next week on a four day visit accompanied by a 15 member delegation from various states and government organisations. Sahay will participate in a special seminar for Israeli tour operators, hold work meetings with his Israeli counterpart and tour the country during his scheduled visit between June 23 and 26.

He will also hold a press conference with Misezhnikov to discuss issues related to promoting tourism between the two countries, including increasing air traffic, information exchange between the two countries, particularly regarding rural tourism, vocational training (Indian-speaking tour guides and special dietary requirements), and working to remove visa obstacles etc. The Indian delegation will be separately holding talks with representatives of Israel`s tourism ministry.

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