Islamic centre, Hindu worship place attacked

New York: Authorities are investigating as bias crimes attacks at four locations in New York, including an Islamic centre and a Hindu place of worship, in which molotov cocktails were hurled at the sites damaging property.

The attacks took place in Queens near here on Monday night in which unidentified assailants threw homemade firebombs at a house used for Hindu worship services, Islamic centre Imam Al-Khoei Foundation, a home and a convenience store.

No injuries have been reported so far, police said. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg called such attacks unacceptable and said authorities are investigating the incidents.

"No matter what the motivation was of the individual who threw Molotov cocktails in Queens last night, his actions stand in stark contrast to the New York City of today that we?ve built together," he said in a statement.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said such attacks have no place in "our open and inclusive society and we must do all we can to ensure New York remains a safe and tolerant place for all."

Bloomberg said personnel from the New York Police Department?s Hate Crimes Unit and detective squad are "moving at full steam" to investigate and also determine if there are any connections to incidents outside New York City.

A Fire Department official said the attacks damaged property but no one was injured.
Police said in three of the four attacks, Molotov cocktails were made using Starbucks bottles.

The first attack took place last night in a convenience store, also known as a Bodega. Then 10 minutes later, a crude firebomb was thrown at a home, which caught fire, the Islamic centre and the Hindu place of worship.