Iranian suspect in Bangkok blasts held in Malaysia

Bangkok: One of the Iranian suspects in yesterday`s triple explosions here was arrested in Malaysia today after he fled there following the blasts. 31-year-old Masoud Sedaghat Zadeh was arrested this afternoon in Kuala Lumpur after the Malaysian authorities received a tip off from Thailand, a security official here said.

The suspect was scheduled to fly to Tehran later today. He had initially booked a flight to leave for the Iranian capital on February 25. He slipped through Thai immigration authorities, who did not know his identity then. Thai deputy police chief Pansiri Prapawat had earlier said that Zadeh left Bangkok for Kuala Lumpur yesterday following the triple explosions. He was one of the four Iranians police linked to the explosions.

The fourth Iranian, a woman, was still at large and could have left the country. She had rented the house for the suspects. The two other Iranian suspects were in police custody. 28-year-old Saerb Moradi, who set off the three blasts, was in hospital after his legs were blown off by a bomb which he tried to hurl at police. Another Iranian, Mohammad Hazaei, 42, was arrested at Suvarnabhumi international Airport here when he tried to escape to Malaysia. Police have found several electronic devices from their rented house that could be used to make explosives.