IOA calls urgent meeting of HI,IHF on Oct 4

New Delhi: The IOA president, however, expressed surprise over FIH`s dependency on the government in resolving the dispute.

"The IOC charter, by which FIH also swears, clearly states that government should not intervene in the dispute of a federation where the NOC is looking into it.

"IOA is keenly monitoring the developments relating to hockey and recognises HI as the sole body for the game, so why FIH wants to involve the government" Malhotra questioned.

"IOA is the supreme sports body in the country and all the national federations and associations function under it.

No body can function without its approval and recognition so FIH`s fetish to insist on government intervention, which clearly goes against the IOC charter is surprising," he added.

The FIH letter, signed by president Leandro Negre, mentions seven issues, including the payment India owe to FIH with regard to hosting of the 2010 World Cup.

It said that all lawsuits relating to the governance of hockey "must be finally resolved and terminated."

The FIH also insisted the government recognise HI as the sole governing body of the sport in India and not support any other unsanctioned organisation.

Malhotra said the judiciary is very independent in India and no body dare dictate it. He also reminded the FIH that India remains the heart and soul of hockey.

"It is just not conceivable to see hockey progress in the world, without India," Malhotra said.