Insiders helped militants plot naval air base attack

Karachi: Terming the Taliban attack on the Mehran naval air base as a "big security lapse", Pakistani defense and political analysts on Monday said that "insiders" were facilitating the militants in their deadly agenda and asked the government and military to wake up to this.

The daring attack by the armed militants, who used rockets, grenades and heavy ammunition, has raised serious doubt over the military`s ability to protect its key installations.

"It is a worrying thing this attack and is nothing but a serious security lapse on part of the navy," Air Vice Marshal (retd) Shahzad Chaudhary, a defence analyst said.

He pointed out that the PNS Mehran was one of Pakistan`s most important naval airbases with the latest equipment and aircrafts and for militants to attack it so easily and brazenly showed big loops in the security.