Indo-China talks on border mechanism

Beijing: Indian and Chinese officials have held vital consultations here on the newly-established mechanism on border issues, as China asserted that the two sides would do well to implement the specifics of some key agreements reached recently.

A delegation of Indian officials concluded two rounds of talks today with their Chinese counterparts to discuss the particulars of the newly-established working mechanism for consultation and coordination on India-China border affairs.

The mechanism aimed at ensuring peace and tranquility at the border areas was devised during the 15th round of border talks held in New Delhi in January this year.

Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said the two countries should do well on specifics in implementing the agreements on maritime security and border mechanism.

Without directly making mention of the talks on the border mechanism, he said "we believe we need to do all these specifics very well in implementation of important agreement reached at the leadership level including conducting consultations between two sides on maritime security and working together to ensure peace and tranquility in China-India border areas".

Yang who visited New Delhi last week and met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and External Affairs Minister, S M Krishna told his annual media conference here today that both the countries want to see continuous, sound and steady growth of their bilateral relations and want to enhance, increase mutual trust and expand cooperation.

"I had a thorough exchange of views and meeting of minds with my Indian counterpart on series of aspects including to maintain the momentum of high level exchanges between the two countries advance the practical cooperation on all field and intensifying cultural exchanges between the two sides," Yang said answering a question.

On a question over apprehensions among China`s neighbours about its rise, Yang said China would seek to resolve its differences in a peaceful way. He stressed that China`s relationship with its neighbouring countries should be viewed in "a broader context" and he believes now the general trend is a "positive" one.

He noted China pursues a policy of building good neighbourly relationships and partnerships and is committed to deepening the mutually beneficial cooperation with other Asian nations.

"And now the relations between China and other Asian countries are in good shape and we have a lot of positive factors," Yang said, referring to frequent high-level visits, more closely inter-wound interests and mutual coordination, and dynamic cultural, people-to-people exchanges between China and Asian countries.

China and other Asian countries have helped each other and worked closely together in handling major regional and international issues, pushing forward regional cooperation and tackling the international financial crisis and major natural disasters.

Yang said that during his recent visits to some Asian countries, he felt that they wanted to see the sustained positive momentum of the Chinese economy and hope that China will continue its development that brings abundant results in terms of business cooperation.

Currently, China has become the largest trading partner for the majority of its neighbours, as trade between China and other Asian countries topped USD 1 trillion last year.

Meanwhile, China`s investment in the Asian region approached USD 20 billion last year, with unprecedented cooperation between China and other Asian countries in fields of science and technology, finance, energy, and infrastructure.

On the South China Sea dispute he said: "We believe that progress has already been made in handling these differences between relevant Asian countries. "And the two sides have reached important consensus on seeking peaceful settlement and pushing forward mutual cooperation".