Indian magazine targets 29 million NRIs next year

Singapore: The Delhi-based NGI Media is on track to expand the publication of its monthly ‘New Global India’ magazine across the globe, linking 29 million Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) through readership and online portal.

The magazine’s ASEAN/Hong Kong edition was launched last night in Singapore, and would be followed up next with Asia Pacific region publication from Melbourne and American edition from New York, said its Dubai-based founding editor Ujjwal K Chowdhury.

Dubbed ‘NGI Knowledge Exchange’, the first ASEAN/Hong Kong issue would be published this month, he said.

The magazine would provide coverage of forward thinking Non-Resident Indians across the world, said Ujjwal, also the managing director of Acore Group in Dubai.

NGI, published from Dubai and Durban for the Middle East and the African regions, would see more than 50 per cent increase in its circulation to 65,000 hard copies next year, taking in the new subscriptions from the ASEAN/Hong Kong NRIs.

“Our target is to link 29 million NRIs across the globe from next year onwards, after launching it in Melbourne and New York,” said Ujjwal, who is also the dean of the Mumbai-based Film City’s Whistling Woods International School of Media & Communication.

“Online links through website will drive the magazine reach and readership across the world,” said Ujjwal, adding that over 300,000 subscribers were already getting NGI’s softcopy in PDF format.

The magazine editorial concept is to publish from global cities covering main regions worldwide and highlighting NRIs achievements in businesses, trade and industry events and fashions as well as lifestyles.

The Singapore-based ASEAN/Hong Kong edition is published in partnership with local businessman Mohan Mulani, owner of the Harry’s bar chain and restaurant.