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India to benefit most from reformed defence exports rules: US

Washington: The US has identified India as one of the countries that would benefit from Pentagon`s ambitious plan to reform rules and regulations that govern its defence exports.

"Defence trade is a promising avenue for deepening security cooperation with our most capable partner nations. Our on-going work in reforming our export control system is a critical part of fostering that cooperation," US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said.

He said each transaction creates new opportunities for training, exercises and relationship building.

Panetta pointed out that it also supports the industrial base, with roughly one third of defence industry output supported by defense exports. "This is important for American jobs and for our ability to invest in new defense capabilities for the future."

"India is one such country that would benefit from changes to our system. While in Delhi earlier this month I announced that my Deputy, Ash Carter, will work with Indian counterparts to streamline our respective bureaucratic processes to better enable defence trade," Panetta said yesterday in his address to the US Institute of Peace (USIP), a prominent Washington-based think tank.

The Defence Secretary said he was clear that there is more that can be done to facilitate defence cooperation, with traditional allies and new partners alike.

"We are working to make US government decision-making simpler, faster and more predictable for partners. This means better anticipating partner needs ahead of time, fast-tracking priority sales, and incorporating US exportability requirements up front in the development process," he said.

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