India placed high on US foreign policy agenda

Washington: The steps taken by US President Barack Obama during the first two years of his presidency shows that India is placed high on his administration`s foreign policy agenda.

"It is quite evident that India`s place is extremely high (in Obama`s foreign policy), because there is a recognition of emergence of India at the world`s stage ? it is the world`s largest democracy, the incredible work that has been done to advance the economic situation of Indians` and there is lot of intellectual strength in innovation that is something is very appealing to the United States," the outgoing National Security Council spokesman, Mike Hammer told PTI in an interview.

Spokesperson of the National Security Council, White House, for the past two years, Hammer now moves to the State Department.

"We have a very vibrant Indian-American community that contributes to our society and we recognize that. The President is trying to do and I would argue that what he has done so successfully is to develop India in terms of how we the United States interact with this partner," Hammer said.

"This is something, he did not start, we give credit to first President (Bill) Clinton and then President (George) Bush and now President Obama, who have all seen India`s rise and trajectory in India`s rise as an important global player.

And we want to deepen that relationship," he said, adding that the two countries now have a strategic partnership.

Hammer had travelled with the President to India and like the entire delegation was highly impressed by the vibrant and active press.

"I had the great privilege of travelling with the President to India for his visit there and it was remarkable to see the energy and excitement not only of the people but at the different fora that we attended.

Whether it was the business forum, watching the President and the First Lady interact with the children, Diwali celebrations, whether it was speech at the Parliament, it was really special" he said.