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India democratic experience can be of help to Libya: US

Washington: India, with its vast experience in democratic governance, could be of help to Libya as the country moves towards a representative form of governance, the US has said.

"We don`t have the menu what the Libyans might need, but India, for example, has lots of experience in democratic governance, has lots of experience in working in small towns and villages on democracy issues; that might be one thing," State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said.

But, all this depends on the Transitional National Council (TNC) of Libya which is now the governing authority of the country, she said, adding, "I don`t want to get ahead of what the TNC might request."

The US had sought India`s help in Egypt this year. Last month, India and America started their first dialogue on the Middle East and North Africa.

Senior officials from around 60 countries will meet in Paris today as the "friends of Libya" to secure financial and diplomatic support for the fledgling revolutionary regime.

The United States hopes the Paris meeting would mark the transition for the country from one important phase to the next one.

A senior State Department official said it would try to help the Libyans as they turn the page and mark this transition.

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