ID card mandatory for sending packages in China

Beijing: China’s state post bureau has announced that it will start a nationwide campaign to crack down on illegal activities by enforcing real-name registration for senders, the media reported on Tuesday.

Starting Monday, the State Post Bureau of China (SPB), which manages both post offices and private delivery companies, will conduct inspections and implement new rules in a crackdown that will run until March 2016, the Global Times reported.

The new rules require senders to present official ID, especially when sending from a public place, such as hotels or train stations. It also stipulate that packages should go through an x-ray machine for a security check.

China began to mull a real-name registration policy after parcels tainted with toxic chemicals killed a man in Shandong province and poisoned seven others in December 2013.

However, many Net users still expressed concern over the leak of personal information in real-name registration.