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Hosni Mubarak clinically dead: reports

Cairo: Deposed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak suffered a brain stroke and was shifted from Yura prison to a military Hospital in southern Cairo, with some media reports claiming he is "clinically dead."

The 84-year-old former president, who is serving a life sentence, was in a "critical" condition and transferred to Maadi Hospital late last night after he was defibrillated in the prison hospital, state-run new agency MENA reported.

The agency quoted hospital sources as saying that Mubarak was "clinically dead". "His heart had stopped beating and did not respond to defibrillation," it said. But Nile TV said that attempts are continuing to revive him and he has been put on ventilator. The television station began broadcasting archival footage of Mubarak during his presidency, which ended with a popular uprising last year.

Al Jazeera quoted a lawyer for Mubarak`s family as saying that the ousted president was actually unconscious and on a respirator after he was rushed to Maadi Hospital.

Mubarak`s wife Suzanne has reportedly arrived at the hospital. "We do understand from family sources that Hosni Mubarak is improving," Al Jazeera said. "We believe he is still in a coma."

Mubarak was sentenced to life on June 2 for his role in the death of over 800 anti-regime protesters last year. There have been frequent reports since then that his health has deteriorated, many of which have proved wrong.

Mubarak`s condition deteriorated following his conviction and he suffered an emotional breakdown after being moved to an intensive care wing in prison. He was transferred to hospital as thousands of protesters today gathered in Cairo`s Tahrir Square after last weekend`s presidential election to protest an apparent bid by the military to prolong its rule.

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