Hen delivers a chick in freak birth in Sri Lanka

Colombo: A hen in Sri Lanka seems to have settled the age old controversy on what came first chicken or egg, by giving a freak birth to a chick in a poultry farm in the country`s central province.

A vet in the hill country town of Welimada P R Yapa said the egg appeared to have incubated inside the hen`s body and the bird died when she gave birth to the chick. The birth of the chick caused internal bleeding leading to hen`s death, but the chick is doing fine.

"I had only heard about such a thing before but was able to see it myself when it happened," Yapa said. The rare happening was confirmed by a postmortem examination which he carried out, the vet said. "There were lacerations and a tear of the reproductive tract that caused the death," Yapa said.