Gilani for uninterrupted Indo-Pak talks

Islamabad: The renewed India-Pakistan dialogue process should be "uninterrupted" and constructive for the resolution of contentious issues like the Kashmir dispute, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said on Friday.

Gilani made the remarks during a meeting with Abdullah Abdurahman Alim, the OIC Secretary General`s special representative on Jammu and Kashmir.

He informed Alim about his recent meeting with his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh in Mohali and expressed satisfaction at the "resumption of a full spectrum of dialogue on all issues", including Kashmir.

The Prime Minister "hoped that the renewed process of dialogue would be uninterrupted and it would be constructive for the resolution of contentious issues like the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, which is imperative for the long-term peace, stability and progress of South Asia", an official statement said.

At the same time, Gilani said the international community should urge India to respect the fundamental rights of Kashmiris and alleged atrocities against Kashmiris "should be stopped forthwith".

He "underlined his country`s strong belief" that any solution to the Kashmir issue must be acceptable to Pakistan, India and the Kashmiri people.

While appreciating the OIC`s consistent support to the "legitimate struggle of the Kashmiri people for their right of self-determination", Gilani said Pakistan would look forward to the special envoy`s report to be submitted after his visit to Pakistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Alim hoped that with the resumption of Pakistan-India dialogue and the "warming up of their bilateral relations", it would be possible for him to visit Jammu and Kashmir in future.