Gayooms son sworn in as Minister in cabinet

Male: Maldives President Mohammed Waheed on Wednesday inducted seven new Ministers of State into his cabinet including Ghassan Maumoon, the youngest son of former dictator Maumoon Gayoom.

The appointment of Ghassan has led to fresh speculation about the role of Gayoom in the current regime with his imprints now finding place in all important ministries of the current regime that came into power after then President Mohammed Nasheed resigned on February 7.

Nasheed`s party – Maldivian Democratic Party – has accused Gayoom of being the mastermind behind the "coup".

On Monday, Waheed had picked up two more Gayoom-era officials to fill up the crucial cabinet berths of Foreign Affairs and Finance.

With the new appointments, former loyalists of the Gayoom regime, that ruled Maldives for 30 years, now dominate Waheed`s cabinet that also has the former dictator`s daughter, Dhunya Maumoon as a State Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Ghassan has been appointed as Minister of State for Human Resources. Gayoom, who came to the country from Malaysia on Monday night, has denied any role in the regime change.

Interestingly, President Waheed paid a courtesy call to Gayoom at his residence last night. This is the first meeting between both after the resignation of President Nasheed.