Gaddafi has time before facing trial in the Hague

Moscow: The Russian president`s special envoy for the Libya has said embattled leader Muammar Gaddafi and his family has two weeks time to decide their future before the verdict of International Criminal Court in Hague.

"The clock is ticking but there`s still time to do something over these two weeks," Margelov said in an interview with a Russian television news program yesterday.

During his forthcoming trip to Tripoli Margelov is planning to remind Colonel Gaddafi examples from modern Arab history when the former leaders continued living peacefully in their countries after being ousted from power during military coups.

At the moment, Margelov is waiting for NATO to open an air corridor for him.

Margelov has just returned from Benghazi where he met representatives of the Libyan opposition.

He disagrees with Colonel Gaddafi`s statement that Libya`s opposition National Transitional Council unites exclusively members of radical movements.