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Fight against terror is a long term struggle

New York: The US and other nations of the world face a long-term struggle against the "murderous ideology" of terrorism that has claimed innocent lives from London to Mumbai, and have to ensure that terrorists are made "irrelevant", Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said here.

Addressing a gathering at a `Voices of September 11th` event, Clinton said even though the US has "thankfully" not witnessed another terror attack following 9/11, terrorists continue to take lives in countries across the world.

"Even though the United States, thankfully, has not experienced another attack since 9/11, London has, Madrid has, Mumbai has, Islamabad has, Jakarta, Bali ? other places continue to be attacked.

"We do have to recognise that we are engaged in a long-term struggle to face down and defeat the murderous ideology that continues to incite violence around the world," she said.

Clinton said America`s fight against terrorism did not end with Osama bin Laden`s death and the country will not rest until all those who were part of planning and facilitating the attacks are "similarly brought to justice".

"I can tell you it was a particular satisfaction for me, as a former senator of New York, to be in the team in the Obama Administration that made sure bin Laden was brought to justice".

The US will use every tool in its arsenal, including never giving up its right to use military force, to capture and kill terrorists and disrupt cells and conspiracies, she said.

"We do not just want to capture and kill terrorist leaders. We want to make them irrelevant. We want to prevent them from attracting new recruits. We want to end the attraction they have for young people," she added.

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