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Clinton urges world support for interim Libyan authority

Washington: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called on the international community to maintain their support towards Libya`s emerging new leadership, while asserting that NATO`s air mission will continue in the north African state till "civilians remain under threat of attack".

At this critical juncture, the international community must maintain the same sense of resolve and shared responsibility which it has so far in the past few months, Clinton said.

"We know from experience that winning a war is no guarantee of winning the peace that follows. That is why even as we sought to protect civilians and pressured Gaddafi to step down, we have supported the Libyans as they laid the groundwork for a transition to democracy that is just, inclusive, and sustainable," Clinton said during a media availability at the `Friends of Libya gathering` in Paris.

"First, as I told my counterparts earlier today, we need to continue NATO`s military mission as long as civilians remain under threat of attack.

"For the sake of the Libyan people, we have called on Gaddafi and those around him to recognise that their time is over and lay down their arms," she said.

As the rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) consolidates power, US will support their efforts to demobilise and integrate fighters into a single security force, she said.

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