Clinton proposes India-China-US ties

Washington: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today proposed a `strong, constructive` relationship between India, China and the US to solve `pressing issues` of the 21st century. India`s leadership will help to shape positively the future not only of South and Central Asia, but also of the Asia Pacific, she said urging New Delhi not just to look East, but to engage East.

Outlining a new US thinking, Clinton said that her country was committed to a strong, constructive relationship among India, the US and China. "We know this will not always be easy. There are important matters on which we all disagree, one with the other. But we do have significant areas of common interest. Ultimately, if we want to address, manage or solve some of the most pressing issues of the 21st century, India, China and the US will have to coordinate our efforts," she said.

The Secretary of State answered questions on Indo-US ties, India`s role in world affairs and the recent US spat with Pakistan over its approach in dealing with terrorism. Appearing to soft-pedal the strain in US-Pak ties, Clinton said Washington was deeply committed to long-standing relationship with Pakistan "despite the complexities and challenges that sometimes arise".