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Canada blacklists Pakistani Taliban as terrorist group

Toronto: Canada has banned the dreaded militant outfit Pakistani Taliban, designating it as a terrorist group, linking it to New York`s Times Square bombing plot and plans to blow up the country`s Parliament in winter.

Canada thus joins the US, UK and other western nations in blacklisting the Tehreek-e-Taliban which is based in Pakistan`s restive tribal region bordering Afghanistan.

The ban is part of "global effort to crackdown on terrorism wherever we find it", Foreign Minister John Baird was quoted as saying by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

While the public safety Minister, Vic Toews, said that putting the Tehreek-e-Taliban on the terror blacklist is "an essential part of our efforts to combat terrorism and keep our communities safe."

He noted the group has claimed responsibility for "multiple" suicide attacks in Pakistan, as well as a May 2010 bombing attempt of New York`s Times Square.

The TTP became the 43rd group on Canada`s blacklist, which includes Al-Qaeda, Colombia`s leftist FARC rebels and Hamas, the Palestinian rulers of the Gaza Strip.

The move means that people in Canada and Canadians abroad are prohibited from "knowingly dealing with assets owned or controlled by the TTP" and that it will now be an offense to "knowingly participate in, contribute to or facilitate certain activities of" the group.

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