British Parliament recalled over Syria action

London: Prime Minister David Cameron has recalled parliament to discuss the UK's response to an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria even as the British Army today began drawing up "contingency plans" for an intervention in the region.
A Downing Street spokesperson said Cameron was aware of the need to "make a clear case" if he did decide to use force.
Britain's armed forces were making sure they were in a position to respond militarily if asked to do so, the spokesperson said.
"It's reasonable to assume our forces are making contingency plans," the spokesperson told reporters here. No decision to use force had yet been taken and any move to do so would be based on evidence from "a range of sources", the spokesperson said.
Cameron cut short his holiday in Cornwall and returned to London to respond to the mounting crisis in Syria.
He will chair a meeting of the National Security Council tomorrow to discuss the matter and parliament will reconvene on Thursday.
Cameron will meanwhile carry on discussions with world leaders to make sure any response is coordinated.
"Any decision taken will be taken under a strict international framework. Any use of chemical weapons is completely and utterly abhorrent and unacceptable…and the international community needs to respond to that,"the premier's spokesperson said.
Cameron is under pressure to be able to legally justify any intervention after an alleged toxic gas attack in Syria is said to have killed over 1,300 people.
A build-up of military aircraft at Britain's base on Cyprus,RAF Akrotiri, suggested that planning had reached a developed stage.