Attempt to hurl shoe at Mush in UK

Islamabad: A man attempted to hurl a shoe at Pakistan`s former military ruler Pervez Musharraf while he was addressing a gathering near London, according to a media report today. The incident occurred while Musharraf was addressing a group of Kashmiris in Luton, a town located 50 km north of the British capital, Geo News channel reported.

The man attempted to hurl shoe at Musahrraf but was taken out of the venue by security guards. Another man who was in the gathering shouted slogans against Musharraf, who has been living in self-exile outside Pakistan since early 2009.

This was the second such incident this year involving Musharraf, who quit as President in 2008 to avoid being impeached by the Pakistan People?s Party-led government. A man hurled a shoe at Musharraf during a meeting at Walthamstow, a district of London with a sizeable population of Pakistani origin, on February 6 though it did not hit him.