Anti-Obama film by Indian-American makes waves before US polls

Washington: As the Presidential race in the US nears D-Day, an anti-Obama documentary made by an Indian-American has suddenly become a surprise box office hit and a must watch for Republican delegates trooping to storm-drenched Tampa.

The film `2016: Obama`s America`, which claims death and dismemberment of the US if Barack Obama wins a second term in the November 6 elections, has over the past week grossed about USD 6.5 million, jumping to the seventh spot in top 10 movies of the nation.

Based on Mumbai-born director Dinesh D`Souza`s New York Times bestseller book, `The Roots of Obama`s Rage`, the documentary claims Obama inherited a left-wing world view from his father and if re-elected he would turn to socialism and bankrupt the nation.

"After a very successful run in limited release, 2016 Obama`s America expanded to 1,091 locations and earned USD 6.5 million this weekend," reported Box Office Mojo, the most comprehensive box office database on the Internet.

After its phenomenal success, the movie is now being expanded to 1,800 theaters across the country.

"This is one of the best weekends ever for a political documentary, and only falls behind the first few frames for Michael Moore`s Fahrenheit 9/11 (which this movie is clearly mimicking in its pre-election release pattern)," Box Office Mojo said.

"2016 has now earned USD 9.35 million, which makes it the highest-grossing conservative documentary ever ahead of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (USD 7.7 million).

"It also already ranks sixth all-time among political docs behind four Michael Moore movies and Al Gore`s An Inconvenient Truth, and it could pass a few of these movies if it`s able to maintain this momentum after this week`s Republican National Convention," it said.

Living a true American dream, Mumbai-born Dinesh moved to the US to attend Dartmouth University on a Rotary Scholarship.

Following graduation he went to work in the Reagan White House as a policy analyst.