After Obama, Bobby Jindal releases his birth certificate

Washington: Bobby Jindal, the Indian American Governor of the US state of Louisiana, made public his birth certificate today after a local newspaper raised questions on the origin of his birth.

The office of Jindal, the first Indian-American Governor of a US State, said the birth certificate was released after the local newspaper in an editorial said his running for presidency would be affected by a "birthright citizenship" bill introduced by US Senator David Vitter.

The bill if passed by the Senate would limit automatic US citizenship to children whose parents were legal residents.

Jindal has denied chances of him running for presidency in 2012, but there are reports that he might be considered for vice-presidency on a Republican ticket.

Jindal`s birth certificate was released more than a week after US President Barack Obama made public the long form of his live birth.

Obama too was for long bedevilled by questions about his birth and origins.

According to the certificate of live birth, Piyus Jindal was born on June 10, 1971 in Baton Rouge to immigrant parents from India, who had green card or permanent residency.

Jindal`s parents entered the United States in 1971 on green cards secured through his father Amar Jindal and his participation in "a programme by the federal government to increase the number of engineers," his spokesperson said.

"It wasn`t to quell speculation about Jindal`s citizenship. We were asked to give it and we did," his press secretary said.