Afghan needs help to tackle pak terror: Krishna

Tokyo: Warning against threats posed by terror safe havens in Pakistan, India today said Afghanistan needed substantial assistance from the world community to deal with the menace. In an obvious reference to Pakistan, External Affairs Minister S M Krishna said Afghanistan faced existential threat from terrorism emanating from beyond its borders where the terror infrastructure was "still intact".

"While we assist Afghanistan in attaining its long-cherished goal of self reliance, we must also acknowledge that despite our successes in Afghanistan, the basic ideological, infrastructural, logistical and financial infrastructure of terror is still intact in the region," he said addressing the Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan.

"Afghanistan continues to be a country that faces an existential threat from terrorism emanating from beyond its borders – a threat that it is fighting every day, and that it is ill-equipped to repel in the absence of substantial assistance from the international community," Krishna said. The minister`s comments came as Afghanistan continued to face attacks from terror safe havens in neighbouring Pakistan.

The Tokyo meet is being attended by around 70 countries and international bodies. Its main aim is to ensure sustainable development of Afghanistan beyond 2012 and reaffirming partnership between the international community and the Afghan Government until 2014 and during the transformation decade (2015-2024).

"Clear and visible support to Afghanistan is crucial in order to preserve the gains made by the international community and Afghan men and women in the past decade," Krishna said and asked the international community to avoid temptation to lay down "conditionalities" on such assistance.

India, Krishna said, believes that "good governance is crucial to the building of a strong and legitimate state. But good governance also requires a strong state that has full control over its territory. This is not yet the case in Afghanistan."