8 killed in Nigeria blast

Abuja: At least eight people were killed and many others wounded on Wednesday when a powerful blast rocked Nigeri`s northern Kaduna city, triggering panic among the residents.

There was confusion over the cause of the explosion as some people in the Oria Apata area where the blast took place claimed it was a bomb while some others said it was an explosion from a gas cylinder from a nearby shop.

Though similar explosions were associated with the radical Islamic sect Boko Haram, the police said the cause could be gas cylinders and vehicle batteries packed in a shop where the blast took place.

The blast killed eight people and injured many as it shook buildings around the area, causing serious panic among shop owners and residents, eyewitnesses said. About six shops and houses were burnt by the fire sparked by the blast.

Nigeria`s northern region has come under constant attack by Boko Haram thereby causing suspicion of bombing whenever there is any case of explosion. It aims to establish Sharia rule in the oil rich African country`s northern region.

But the police said the group may not be responsible for the occurrence. Police spokesperson Aminu Lawan, a deputy superintendent of police, ruled out the possibility of any bomb attack but said investigations are still ongoing.

Lawan said it may not be bomb attack adding that investigations are still ongoing. "The explosion was probably caused by a gas cylinder in one of the shops located in the area. Our bomb experts are already at the scene," he said.