7 billionth baby in an unequal world:UN Chief

United Nations: The seven billionth baby has been born into a world of "contradictions" and the global community has to join hands to solve problems of inequality, and extreme poverty if this population landmark has to be turned into an opportunity, UN chief Ban-Ki Moon said today.

"Seven billion population is a challenge; at the same time an opportunity, depending upon how the international community prepares for that challenge," Moon said at a press conference here to mark the `day of seven billion.`

October 31 marked the arrival of the world`s seven billionth inhabitant. It is however not easy to pinpoint for sure who and where the seven billionth baby was born amid reports from Manila, India and other parts of the world saying that the child was born in cities there.

Moon, responding to a question from PTI, said he would also not be able to make a "firm clarification" on who is the seven billionth baby. "I read both reports coming from Manila and India. Let us see," he said amid laughter. Moon however added that the day of `Seven Billion` is not about one newborn or one generation but about "our entire human family."

"Even with seven billion – the gap between rich and poor is increasing, and in the poorest countries extreme poverty, food insecurity, inequality, high death rate and high birth rates are linked in a vicious cycle. So we have to address all these issues in a comprehensive manner," he said.

He said the baby has been born into a world of "terrible contradictions" that has plenty of food but one billion people go hungry, lavish lifestyles for a few but poverty for many others, huge advances in medicine while mothers die everyday in childbirth and billions spent on weapons to kill people instead of keeping them safe.